Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cars (Maruti & Other) Thru CSD

Drive away with a stunning model from your CSD, Canteen Stores Department!

Indeed, a Car at a considerably lesser price is an opportunity you wouldn'twant to miss. Now you can book your Maruti at any CSD Area Depot, anywhere inthe Country, and buy a Maruti at considerably less the market price. One morereason to be the proud owner of India's most sought after car!

Who can book?

All commissioned officers -- either retired or currently serving in the IndianArmy, Navy or Air Force -- can avail of a sales tax exemption on the purchaseof a Maruti Gypsy or indeed any vehicle. All you have to do is, select your preferred model from the entire range of Maruti Cars and book right away!

How to book your Car at any CSD Area Depot

You need to make a full payment by Demand Draft, as per the prevailing pricealong with the indent for purchase to the selected area Depot.

The Demand Draft should be in favour of 'Canteen Stores Department Public FundAccount (Main)' payable at the selected location.

If you are a serving officer, please attach a copy of salary slip and PAN No.In case you are a retired officer, do send in a copy of your discharge slip/preliminarypension order and PAN No.

Once your booking is complete, the Canteen Stores Department will make an indentof purchase and send it to the concerned dealer for processing of the orderand delivery of the vehicle.

Sales tax relief for the Armed Forces

You can avail of a sales tax exemption in various states across the country.In a few states, the sales tax is considerably lower than the rest of India.Which means, if you book your Maruti through the CSD Depot in Punjab, Bihar,Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, etc,you will get a considerable tax relief.

The sales tax exemption pertains to vehicles purchased through the CanteenStores Department (CSD).

Models available

Car 800 Std.
Car 800 AC
Omni (8-Seater) F/R (Non-Met.)
Omni (5-Seater) F/R (Non-Met.)
Zen LX (Non-Met.)
Zen LXi (with Power Steering; Non-Met.)
Zen VXi (with Power Steering; Non-Met.)
Zen Diesel (Non-Met.)
Zen Diesel (with Power Steering; Non-Met.)
Alto LX (Non-Met.)
Alto LXi (with Power Steering)
Wagon R LX (Non-Met.)
Wagon R LXi (with Power Steering; Non-Met.)
Wagon R VXi (with Power Steering; Non-Met.)
Esteem LX
Esteem LXi (with Power Steering)
Esteem VXi (with Power Steering)


Tata indica
Tata indigo
For others: inquire with CSD Depot for the latest position.


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